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Revealed: The Benefits of Transitioning from E5 to E10 Petrol

With the transition to E10 hitting the UK on the 1st September 2021 comes a whole host of questions around the benefits of the new petrol and its compatibility with lawnmowers and gardening machinery.

Lavish Landscape Gardening

Lavish Landscape Gardening and the Beloved British Lawn Stripe

Naturally, when considering the rich history of lawns and British horticulture, the great British lawn stripe is an iconic part of landscape gardening that always springs to mind.

The Surprising Wellbeing Benefits of Gardening

The wellbeing benefits of gardening are many, from reduced anxiety and stress to improved physical fitness. Gardening in our own quiet space offers a myriad of creative possibilities and helps to naturally alleviate the pressures of day-to-day life when we need it most.

Healthy Lawn Tips

Healthy Lawn Tips: How to Achieve an Incredible Looking Lawn in Summer 2021

Discover the definitive list of healthy lawn tips for keeping your garden looking extraordinary this summer.

Post-lockdown Preparation: 5 Top Tips for Transformative Small Garden Makeovers

Since the long-awaited announcement that government restrictions are gradually easing and the chapter of lockdown may be behind us, many of us were elated at the thought of reunions with our family and friends; and naturally, many of us went into house preparation overdrive.

Professional Gardening Tips: The Top 5 Most Searched Gardening Questions Answered

To help alleviate any concerns about DIY gardening, the experts at Hayter® have compiled the highest searched gardening questions in the UK and provided the much-anticipated answers you’ve waited for.