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To power our range of premium British lawnmowers, we are proud to offer leading Hayter® lawnmower accessories, fuel treatment and engine oil to ensure that every mowing experience is as seamless as the last. From 60V1 lawnmower batteries, compatible with a range of garden tools including the Toro® String Strimmer, to our heavy-duty abrasion-resistant Lawnmower Cover, we’re proud to supply the essential lawnmower parts and accessories to protect and maintain your Hayter mowers.

Our Premium Fuel Treatment helps uphold reliable engine performance and offers maximum protection against water attracted by ethanol. The treatment comes with a graduated bottle for easy measuring and provides full protection and corrosion prevention for two and four-cycle small engines with every fill-up.

The essential Hayter SAE 30 Engine Oil has been formulated with only premium base stocks and additives. Our SAE engine oil reduces engine deposits and helps minimise molecular shearing to extend the life of your mower.

Discover our unrivalled range of lawnmower parts and accessories and ensure your mower runs with more efficiency than ever before.