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From easy-to-use, lightweight hedge trimmers to outstanding battery-powered chainsaws, we’re proud to introduce an exclusive range of Toro® power tools that help create matchless horticultural beauty. Driven by the Toro Flex-Force Power System®, these revolutionary power tools use the same battery technology as our Hayter cordless lawnmowers so you can switch batteries between our Hayter and Toro products for a flexible gardening solution.

Toro’s high-performing gardening tools are the perfect companion for our innovative mower range. The 60V battery-powered Toro Garden Trimmer and Chainsaw will help you tackle your garden with effortless cutting before you enjoy a seamless mowing experience with our excellent lawnmowers. For fast and efficient gardening, the Toro Leaf Blower features a brushless DC motor to provide longer run time and a variable speed trigger for effortless garden maintenance.

Discover a cutting-edge range of Toro garden tools, expertly designed to help craft immaculate and beautiful gardens.