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Man using Hayter Lawnmower

How to Maintain Your Garden In Dry Weather

The weather is getting more temperamental and unpredictable. We’ve recently had our joint hottest day of the year at 32.2°C and last year, parts of the country saw temperatures as high as 40.3°C.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Lawnmower: Key Features, Power Options, and Expert Tips

When choosing the right mower, there are plenty of considerations that need to be made. Discover our ultimate guide to choosing your mower, and make an informed decision today.

A Man Repairing a Hayter Mower

Mower Maintenance: 5 Ways to Keep Your Petrol Mower Running Like a Dream

Ensure your Hayter remains in tip-top condition all year round. Discover our mower maintenance tips and keep your mower running like a dream.

Petrol vs Electric: Which is Right for Me?

Unsure whether you're best suited to a petrol or electric mower? Both have plenty of benefits. Find out which is right for you in this informative blog.

Someone turfing grass

Is Your Garden Summer Ready? 6 Steps to Turfing Your Dream Lawn

Grass doesn’t grow overnight. No matter how much you want that gorgeous green space, it takes time to grow and nurture your own lawn. Turfing could be the perfect solution!

Striped Lawn in the sun

How to Stripe Your Lawn

There’s nothing we love more at Hayter than a perfect striped lawn. An enduring symbol of British charm and class, a well-striped lawn can turn a strip of grass from an afterthought into a centrepiece or add the perfect finishing touches to your home and garden.