The World’s Best Lawns

20 July 2022. 01.51 PM

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Kensington Palace If you’re here, reading this, chances are you’re a sucker for a great lawn. At Hayter, we might say that an immaculately-kept lawn is a thing of beauty – wouldn’t you agree? Whilst we love seeing beautiful striped lawns of all shapes and sizes, there are certain lawns and gardens around the world that command such prestige and respect that they can only be considered to be the world’s best.

From sprawling palace gardens to Wimbledon’s Centre Court, these are the lawns of our dreams – so keep reading to find out which make the list for the first instalment of the World’s Best Lawns!

Kensington Palace Gardens (London)

Perhaps lesser-known than their compatriot at Buckingham, the Kensington Palace Gardens remain one of London’s – and indeed the world’s – best. Boasting hundreds of years of history, the gardens began life hosting deer chases during the time of Henry VIII, before eventually being transformed into a formal garden under William III.

In 1908, the Sunken Gardens were commissioned, pairing an immaculate, angular swath of grass with ornamental flower beds and an exquisite pond. The lawns at Kensington perfectly convey calmness and tranquillity, creating an intimate, secluded oasis.
Centre Court – Wimbledon (London)

Any list of the world’s best lawns would be incomplete without mentioning Centre Court, Wimbledon’s most iconic venue, and likely the most famous tennis court in the world. Optimised for exciting play, the soil and grass are both monitored to ensure perfect playing conditions.

Expert research has shown that 8mm is the perfect length grass for present day play and survival, and this rule is adhered to meticulously. 100% Perennial Ryegrass is used to prevent damage and improve durability, and courts are rolled and covered daily to keep the surface dry and firm.
Garden of Versailles (Versailles)

Covering some 800 hectares, the Garden of Versailles are one of the most-visited public sites in France, receiving over 6 million visitors every year. A horticultural feat of huge significance, the garden took some 40 years to complete from its inception in 1661.

Equally beautiful from the sky as on foot, the Garden of Versailles is packed with delicate detail, from the flawless curved lawns adjourning the curled paths to the meticulously-maintained, statue- lined Great Lawn.
White House
The White House (Washington D.C.)

Arguably the most famous lawn in the world, the White House’s South Lawn has featured in numerous blockbuster films, hosts an annual Easter egg roll, and even served as the backdrop for one of Pablo Escobar’s most infamous photos.

This perfectly-kept lawn adds a sense of grandeur and detachment to the White House, and, lined by large specimen trees and shrubs, offers epic views of the White House itself, flanked by rolling green scenery.

So, we kick off our list of the world’s best lawns with some of the biggest and best – how many have you visited? Holidays to the capital, Paris or the States are incomplete without taking the time to check out these fantastic greens. Plus, with so many other fantastic things to do in the vicinity, you can enjoy a great day out with the whole family – and marvel at the lawns at the same time!