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Roller Lawn Mowers

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Hayter have been crafting matchless lawnmowers since 1946. Bringing 75 years of innovation and design expertise to the industry, we are proud to help homeowners and contractors create the most incredible lawns and sharp garden stripes with minimal effort. Our heavy-duty Harrier Pro range sets the standard for modern commercial lawnmowers to meet the demands of the very best professional gardeners and landscapers. Each of our Harrier Pro commercial mowers has been manufactured in Britain with meticulous attention to detail to deliver superior strength, performance and reliability.

Featuring the world’s first Crank-Safe Blade Brake Clutch System on the Harrier 48 Pro and Harrier 56 Pro, this unique collection of commercial mowers allows users to turn off the blade and drive the mower across gravel to nearby lawns to prevent costly damage and engine replacements, and offers a lifetime crank-shaft warranty. The fixed speed auto-drive system allows maximum productivity while the two-piece steel ribbed rear rollers offer superior traction and manoeuvrability for a seamless mowing experience.

Experience our revolutionary Harrier Pro range today and craft exquisitely beautiful lawns with every use.