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Hayter is a name that not only speaks of unrivalled British craftsmanship and engineering but has also held a Royal Warrant of Appointment since 1960. Our brand continues to be a supplier of mowing equipment for the British Royal Family and represents matchless quality and excellence.

Our exclusive range of branded clothing and merchandise sets the standard for comfortable gardening wear, available in sleek black styles with our iconic Hayter® logo to keep you looking smart. We have an exceptional collection of classic outerwear from our ultra-soft and comfortable fleeces for men and women to our weatherproof heavy-duty work trousers. Hayter are proud to select the highest quality, durable materials to ensure that our gardening wear is best in class. You’ll discover the perfect understated style to accomplish gardening duties easier than ever before, in any outdoor conditions.

Browse our range of exceptional clothing and merchandise today and wear a name worthy of its Royal Warrant.