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Hayter has been designing and producing* premium quality lawn mowers at its headquarters in Hertfordshire since 1946 – and in 2016 celebrated its 70th year in business.

Hayter lawn mowers are used by homeowners and professional contractors all over the UK and with a choice of electric lawn mowers and petrol lawn mowers in a range of sizes, there’s a Hayter lawn mower suitable for most gardens.

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Although offering a range of different lawn mower types, Hayter is perhaps best known for its rear-roller lawn mower range, which help produce that beautifully British striped lawn effect. Our customers often share photos of their #HayterStripes online. Search for #HayterStripes on Twitter or Facebook. Or why not post your own?


What lawn mower should I buy?

There are a few simple choices to make.  The best lawn mower for you depends on a number of factors: size of lawn, the look you’re after and the complexity of your garden.

Petrol or electric?

If you have a very small garden then an electric lawn mower may be your best choice. As the size of your lawn increases however then the benefits of petrol lawn mowers become more important. You will get a more powerful lawn mower without the need to worry about being close to a socket and without the restriction of a cord.

Rear roller lawn mower or four wheeled?

If you think about the best looking lawns, you will probably visualise beautiful stripes. It is really simple to add stripes to your lawn if you have the right type of mower. The only type of lawn mower to give you stripes is a rear roller lawn mower. These mowers have a roller at the back of the mower instead of wheels. The roller bends the blade slightly in different directions as you go up and down the lawn to create the striped look. If you do not want stripes on your lawn or if you have a lawn which is bumpy then a four wheeled mower would be better for you.

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What size lawn mower do I need?

Lawn mower sizes are usually measured shown in centimetres or inches which describes the width of the cut. When a mower cuts a path through long grass the width of the short grass behind the mower is the width of cut. The wider the width of cut, the quicker you will be able to mow your lawn because you will be cutting a larger area each time you pass across the lawn. For smaller lawns, (say for example up to ½ a tennis court) consider a 36cm or 41cm cutting width, for medium size lawns (approx ½ to 1 tennis court) a 48cm cutting width mower would be suitable and for larger lawns (1 ½ + tennis courts) a 56cm mower will help you get the job done in less time.

The other thing to consider in terms of size of mower is the capacity of the grass bag. Smaller lawn mowers will have a smaller grass bag whereas larger mowers will have larger capacity bags which will hold more grass clippings so you have to empty the bag less often.

Where to buy a lawn mower?

The best place to buy a lawn mower is through a specialist garden machinery dealer. They are specialists in selling a range of garden machinery so will be able to advise you about what is the best lawn mower for your specific needs. These lawn mower specialists will usually be service agents so you can take your lawn mower to get its annual service at the same place. Most people don’t buy a lawn mower very often so naturally, the average lawn mower buyer is not a lawn mower expert. Buying through a dealer is a much safer way to buy a lawn mower. You will be talking to an expert who can advise you what is the right product for you.

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