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  • Modern technology with traditional skills and values

    In Hayter, modern technology works alongside traditional skills to deliver the highest quality product.  Many of the processes may be computer controlled but this does not replace the skills of the practiced hand and critical eye, which act together to produce products of consistently high quality.

    Here at Hayter, quality is a way of life and we constantly strive to maintain and improve the standards upon which our reputation has been gained.

  • Quality control

    Hayter believe Quality Control is a way of life, where everyone must play their part. In every aspect of the production of a lawnmower from the initial design to delivery of the finished product to the customer, quality must always be taken as the number one priority.

    Hayter hold the quality standard BS EN9001:2015, which supports the founding principles inherent in the company’s culture of delivering the best products to our customers in a professional and timely way.

  • Designed for purpose

    The design and engineering team at Hayter use the latest computer aided technology along with experienced R&D and Testing personnel to ensure every product is designed for purpose from the outset.

  • Modern technology - laser profiling machine

    Cutting, bending, welding and painting are a way of life for a lawnmower manufacturer like Hayter and precision fit of parts starts with closely controlled cutting and profiling of steel sheets.  Hayter’s laser profiling machine takes care of all our cutting needs. Fast and highly accurate, it optimizes use of sheet material and eliminates the need for additional finishing operations that were previously required.

  • Modern technology - robot welding

    Welding is a key manufacturing process for both homeowner and professional products. Weak or misplaced welds will fail under hard work conditions, so robot welding is used to give consistently high standards of welding, time after time. Supplying exactly the right amount of weld in exactly the right place - delivering the highest levels of reliability and durability.

  • Modern technology - paint

    Strong paint adherence is a must for garden and turf machinery due to stone chipping, general thumps-and-bumps and, of course, the British weather. Hayter employs a state-of-the-art paint pre-treatment plant to ensure a clean and contamination-free surface for high quality powder paint coating of both aluminium and steel components.

A deep lustrous British Racing Green paint finish is one of the defining trade-marks of Hayter's products. It's what our customers expect and reflects the heritage and quality that is built into every machine. Don't expect anything less.

  • Traditional methods - consumer assembly

    Hand built is what customers expect and hand built is what we do. Assembly  requires skill, experience and attention to detail. Quality is built in and the team is responsible for its own inspection at every stage of build. We work hard so the machine will work hard for you.