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The Hayter Range

Electric rear roller mowers

Envoy 36

Envoy 36 Electric Push Mower

A lightweight mains electric machine with a stylish, robust deck which makes manoeuvring easy.


Spirit 41

Spirit 41 Electric Push

An electric rotary mower featuring a revolutionary lightweight aluminium skeleton chassis.


Rear roller mowers

Spirit 41 series

Spirit 41

The Spirit is a manoeuvrable and lightweight mower in the petrol rear roller range that has a fresh design with an aluminium skeleton chassis and tough ABS polymer covers and underdeck.

Harrier 41 series

Harrier 41

Precision cutting and classic stripes can be achieved with one of our most popular models. Small and powerful, this manoeuvrable petrol powered lawnmower is a joy to use in a small to medium garden.

Harrier 48 series

Harrier 48

These rear roller rotary mowers are ideal for medium to large lawns. The rear roller on these powerful self-propelled machines, gives a superb striped finish to fine lawns.

Harrier 56 series

Harrier 56

The largest rear roller rotary mower in the Hayter range, features an impressive 56cm (22˝) cutting width. Achieving a beautiful striped finish on a large lawn is now easier than ever.

Four wheel mowers

Spirit 41 Four Wheel

Spirit 41 Four Wheel Push

This mower is light and easy to use. With its four wheel adaptability, it can tackle rougher areas of grass to leave a quality finish.


Motif Push series

Motif Push

At home just about anywhere in the garden the Motif feature large rear wheels for extra traction to produce an excellent cut on both fine lawns & rough areas.

Motif Autodrive series

Motif Autodrive

The Motif range are at home just about anywhere in the garden. With the feature of large rear wheels for extra traction to produce an excellent cut on both fine lawns & rough areas.


Hayterette Push

This sturdy mower maintains rough grassed areas and provides a neat finish to semi formal lawns where collection is not required.


R53 Recycling series

R53 Recycling Mower

These models have been developed with both environment and the end user at the forefront. With the choice of three ways to dispose of grass clippings - rear collection, side discharge and recycling.

Other products



An ideal easy solution to achieve a healthy perfect, lush lawn.


Hayter commercial



The Condor is a compact manoeuverable work horse that achieves a high quality finish. Whether the specification calls for cylinder or rotary cutting, the Condor is the best in its class.


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