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Environmental policy

Hayter recognises its responsibilities in protecting the environment and the need to act for the future well-being of the planet. The environment matters to all of us and measures to reduce waste make good business sense. We are committed to minimising any adverse environmental impact by means of a continual improvement process.

Hayter shall include environmental considerations in its decision making and/or processes and specifically it will:

  1. Maximise efficient use of energy, resources and emissions that either have an impact on the environment or are recognised as wasteful.
  2. Actively seek alternatives that improve products or services, enhance the business and help protect the environment.
    1. Promote recycling and the use of materials manufactured from a recycled source.
    2. Eliminate the use of materials that are not part of the core products supplied by Hayter and are no longer of use to the manufacturing processes.
  3. Use structured processes to control activities.
  4. Consider all aspects and requirements of environmental legislation so that both products and manufacturing shall meet or exceed these requirements.
  5. Actively promote and communicate the Environmental Management System (EMS) of the company to our suppliers, employees, customers and all interested parties.
  6. Monitor, record, control, and regularly review data to ensure key targets, as set out in the EMS are maintained.

Environmental Objective

Hayter will strive to meet and exceed the current requirements of all relevant environmental legislation resulting in the Hayter brand becoming recognised in relation to the long term protection of the environment.